Sonntag, 30 Dezember 2018 22:30

Joining forces

30 December 2018: Joining forces! Across Europe, across industries, across banks and fintechs, insurance companies and insuretechs - and across humans and humanoids.

Mittwoch, 13 Dezember 2017 17:48

It´s an integrated world !

20 January 2018: There is probably no doubt that we are facing a high degree of economic, financial, and political dependence in our world. So, who might truly believe he, or she, or single nations could nowadays effectively shield themselves from global and sectoral interconnectedness?     





3 November 2017: As we all know, stress testing keeps the financial world on the go. Here is our cartoonist´s view of the efforts made so far...                                                                                                                                                                               

Samstag, 26 August 2017 17:15

Shifts in international banking

21 August 2017: The massive drop in banks´ foreign claims since 2007 is mainly due to a retrenchment of European banks. Since 2008 most European banking systems have reduced their foreign claims, while non-European countries have expanded their international activities. (inspired by: BIS Working Paper No 650, June 2017)

Freitag, 30 Juni 2017 08:46

Amazon & Co: Die neuen Banken für KMU

30 June 2017: Amazon verlieh im letzten Jahr eine Milliarde Dollar an Anbieter auf seiner Plattform. Das sollte Banken in eine gewisse Unruhe versetzen, ihre Geschäftsmodelle für die Finanzierung von KMU und Handelsgeschäften zu überdenken. (inspired by: The Banker, June 20, 2017, Editor´s Blog)